Vinyl Mattress Protector Cover, Zippered – King Single, 21cm


Warranty: 10 Days

SKU: 208999KS21
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Selecting The Right Fit When measuring, note that there is no “give” in the material. The cover won’t stretch if it proves smaller than the mattress. Trying to force a mattress protector that’s too small onto your mattress will likely cause it to tear. If your measurements don’t align with ours, it’s better to opt for a larger size and tuck the excess under the mattress. Protect Your Mattress with a Vinyl Mattress Cover A new mattress is a big investment and the Ubio Vinyl Mattress Protector Cover is specifically designed to help you protect your investment. Our Vinyl Mattress protector encases the entire mattress protecting it from food spills, stains, bedwetting, pet accidents and more. The heavy duty vinyl mattress cover is waterproof, quiet, soft and durable. Zippered Mattress Cover Fully Encases Your Mattress These zippered vinyl mattress covers fully encases your mattress for ultimate protection, and stays in place underneath your regular sheet to reduce wear and tear to your mattress. Easy Care To clean, simply wipe the cover with a damp cloth.    


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