Sphygmomanometer, Two Handed


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This manual Two-Handed Shygmomanometer features a black enamel gauge, rubber tubing and inflation bulb, and nylon cuff. The cuff is standard adult size and can be used for right or left arm. The sphymomanometer accurately measures patient blood pressure, providing healthcare personnel with vitally-important information about the patient’s condition. The gauge can be removed from the cuff or hooked on for easy, versatile operation. Because the bulb and gauge are separate, two hands are required for use. This design is familiar to nearly all doctors, nurses, and assistive personnel. The Two-Handed Sphygmomanometer is a patient assessment tool that is essential to every doctor’s office, acute care facility, long-term care facility, and many other settings. This sphygmomanometer is an excellent value, providing years of practical usefulness and highly-accurate patient assessment. ARTG No.: 200769


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