Skin Protectors For Arms – White – Large


Warranty: 10 Days

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Arm protectors can prevent interference with medical treatments such as dressings and also camouflaging and protecting IV sites and wounds. Soft and comfortable so you do not even know you are wearing them. Skin protectors for arms are made from a unique blend of stretch fabric with a thumb slot for secure fit and protect the most sensitive and fragile area, the back of the hands. Arm sleeves allow wonderful protection to eliminate trauma often causing bruising and abrasions. With the added antimicrobial properties of Chitosan Rayon, protecting against odour causing bacteria, molds, Fungi, often accompanying deep wounds and skin problems. Sold In Pairs (2pc) Protect Fragile, Thin & Sensitive Skin Fabric: a unique combination of Rayon, Nylon, Cotton & Spandex Machine wash in warm water & dry on low setting


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