Replacement Hip Protector Pads


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Hip protector pads are water proof sealed, machine washable at higher temperatures, perfect for Medical Facility use. (Refer to washing instructions) without that heavy plastic sound and feel on movement. Consisting of high impact memory foam on the inside and a soft yet flexible feel. The soft and contouring pads allow the hip protectors to be worn with comfort in everyday life under your favourite clothing, and most importantly during sleep, they are so soft comfortable you will not even know you are wearing them. Easily applied slipping into your Secure Hip Protector Pants and fitting most hip protector garments. Machine washable at elevated temperatures, suitable for most industrial facility machines. (See recommended washing instructions) Biomedically tested by Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc. (CID), a forensic engineering firm, based in El Segundo, CA. Perfect comfort for day and night use, offering  a comfortable sleep. Come in a pack of two. Measures – 21cm by 15cm


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