Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor


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The Body Fat Loss Monitor is able to retain and maintain a user profile for up to nine people allowing for long-term monitoring of body fat loss for the entire family or a group of patients. The Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor offers two settings: normal and athletic. While most families and care-giving facilities might use the normal setting, the athletic setting mode can be used to provide more precise details and results for the active athlete. The Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor uses non-harmful, micro-electrical currents, Bioelectrical Impedance Method, combined with BMI input information to calculate and display information. It is capable of displaying user data results in approximately seven seconds. Its nine person profile memory is a long-term process and can be used to track progress of family members, athletes or patients over periods of time. User profile creation is quite customisable; inputs include gender, height, weight and age, which are all factored into creating accurate user data results. The Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor is easy to use, the soft push buttons are all clearly labelled and the clear screen provides easy-to-follow prompts when creating user profiles and utilizing the device. 9 person profiles, long-term storage capability Normal and athletic modes Non-harmful, micro-electrical currents Measures body fat percentage and BMI Monitor fat loss progress over long-term Easy-to-use, simply follow prompts Soft buttons


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