MediSkin+ Knee & Leg Pillow


Warranty: 10 Days

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Mediskin+ Knee & Leg support pillow is designed with consideration of patients in high care medical nursing settings. Ideal for various medical situations such as high care support due to frailty, illness, rehabilitation and recovery for patients of all ages. When placed between the knees, the cushion offers support, separating bony areas, preventing pressure sores and also offering proper alignment of the hips, legs, spine and pelvis. This Knee & Leg support pillow is made with MedSkin+ cover that is wipeable with just a diluted sanitiser making it suitable when incontinence and other bodily fluid loss is a consern while still being soft on skin without feeling sticky even with moisture. See also: Replacement Pillow Cases Leg Pillow is suitable for patients suffering from incontinence and other bodily fluid loss. Softness and support, perfect for patients who are at high risk of pressure area ulcers that appear when patient spends time being immobile. Relieving arthritis discomfort and stiffness, assisting with frailty, rehabilitation and recovery before and after surgery. Made from medical grade memory foam and MediSkin+ antimicrobial fabric that is wipeable for hygienic reuse. Leg pillow dimensions: 25cm x 20cm x 16cm


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