Lister Bandage Scissor Angled


Warranty: 10 Days

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These Bandage Lister Scissors are made from high-grade stainless steel to ensure clean and hygienic performance. The scissors are curved for ease-of-use and feature two safety tips, one rounded off and the other a heavily blunted, to protect patients while being used to cut through their bandages. Bandage Scissors are comfortable and easy to use, featuring a curved design to make it easier and safer to cut through bandage without risking injury to the patient. The scissors are small and fit easily in the pocket of a set of scrubs or into a pouch in a first-aid bag. These Bandage Scissors are hospital grade, but suitable for use in the home or a sports trainers bag as well. The Bandage Scissors are a total of 14 centimetres in length. The scissors are fully autoclavable and can be boiled or steamed for perfect sterilization. Stainless steel construction Professional-grade bandage scissors quality Fully autoclavable Safety tips Curved blade construction Length: 14cm


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