IV Pole Basket – Pole Mounted


Warranty: 10 Days

SKU: 3380P
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The universal basket clamp can be attached to either basket and is easily adjustable to fit on any IV pole regardless of size. The clamp has a simple spin-vice to allow it to loosen or tighten as is needed to clamp on securely to an IV pole. The clamp and baskets are not restricted to only IV Poles but could be used on thin metal bed frames and in other locations. The near square and narrow rectangular IV Pole Baskets are both made of the same steel wireframe construction. Both of the baskets have double screw installation holes at the top where they can be attached to the universal IV Pole Basket Clamp. Installation of the clamp to the baskets is simple and once installed the baskets can be moved between IV Poles and other desired locations within seconds. The clamps function on a simple spin-vice and can be loosened or tightened by hand with ease. H185 x W205mm x D130mm Fits 25mm diameter pole Can be wall mounted Clinical settings needing extra storage on their sphygmomanometer or IV poles can be well satisfied using this superior product. Also aids easy cleaning for hygiene purposes, reliable and fundamental product; suited to a variety of clinical settings and situations. The product understands the importance of storage whilst patient care is attended. Quality and superior manufacturing ensures customer satisfaction; whilst still maintaining purposeful and ongoing repetetive usage. Store medical supplies, notes or extra equipment in the easy care IV Pole Basket.


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