Forceps Criles Curved – Superior


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Perfect for any health care and personal care precision gripping and manipulation needs. Criles Curved Forceps are specialized hemostatic forceps. They are commonly used in hospitals, medical centres and surgery centres. Commonly used during ligation, cauterization, and laparoscopic procedures, as well for first aide, and non-healthcare needs. Perfect for your precision gripping and manipulation needs. These Curved Crile Forceps are specially constructed with: High quality stainless steel for easy sterilization. Transverse interdigitating striations – interlocking serrated grooves that run the full length of the jaw’s curved clamping surface. Locking clamp, also called a ratchet lock, allows hands free compression, at a few different levels of pressure. Finger rings make fine manipulation easier with gloved hands. 14 cm length including approximately a 3 cm curved end.


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