Bed Rail Protectors – Large


Warranty: 10 Days

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Bed railings are often safety issues for residence. The use of Bed Rail Protectors can aid the safety and well-being of patients, residents or loved ones. Hiding the ‘rails’ on the bed ensures that no gaps will become hazardous to the user. Lift the protectors on and off for easy care and handling. Bed Rail Protectors can also aid facilities by increasing their Occupational Health and Safety standards and requirements’ level. Any extra safety measures are highly invaluable to hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities. Bed Rail Protectors are easy to clean and are made of thick and strong fabric. Long lasting and built for ongoing use, these products are an asset to the clinician and/or home setting. Ensuring safety from skin tears, ripped clothing and enabling general patient well-being. Bed Rail Protectors are a fantastic addition to bed rails. Features include: Easy care maintenance, durability, fasteners and genuine reliability. Suitable for use within the clinical setting or at home. Regular Bed Rail Protectors Length: 1260 mm Width: 670 mm Height (folded): 335 mm Large Bed Rail Protectors Length: 1580 mm Width: 980 mm Height (folded): 490 mm


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