8 Litre Sharps Lockable Wall Mount


SKU: 5399
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8 Litre Sharps Lockable Wall Mount is high-impact, puncture resistant container for all your sharps disposal needs. Whether its medical sharps, needles or razor blades this lockable container will dispose of your hazardous sharps properly. 8 Litre Sharps Lockable Wall Mount is the safest way to dispose of hazardous sharps including needles or disposable razor blades. This 8 litre box is designed to hold sharp disposables while keeping them locked up and out of harm’s way. The box is large but also puncture resistant so you can disgard the items with confidence. Medical waste such as sharps, scalpels or other cutting devices must be secured after use. The 8 Litre Sharps Lockable Wall Mount will prevent theft and increase safety in your facility. Wall mountable lockable for added security 8 litre capacity puncture and impact resistant screw on lid for safe placement and storage of medical waste. Containers sold separately.


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